Celebrating 10 years of modeling in 2020!

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NEW models  review these Q/A's before submitting your model registration. Renewing models feel free to review or scroll down to renew your model's membership!  

Question: Is there a fee for becoming a model?
Answer: Yes. We offer 3 options of modeling terms for models. This is required to cover the cost of the models profile page/advertisement on our website. Unlike an agency, our modeling consultant service does NOT get paid by the designers/brands that book our models. This fee is used to cover expenses incurred for running the business.

Question: Do models get paid for modeling offers?
Answer: Yes, but generally they are paid by PRODUCTS (NOT cash). Most are paid by compensation of keeping the products they model. Occasionally a designer will have one of a kind products and models will be compensated with store credit/gift cards/cash or another product similar to what was modeled.

Question: Who pays for the modeling photo shoots?
Answer: MODELS are responsible for paying for their modeling photo shoots. Our Photographers offer a much reduced rate for modeling sessions to make it affordable for everyone to enjoy and moms will have a lifetime of memories in professional photos they will never regret. KMP graciously provides model shoots for $40 per shoot. Multiple items may be shot at one shoot if bookings are shipped at the same time. 

Question: Do models have to accept all booking offers sent to them?
Answer: NO, this is totally the model's choice and no questions are asked if denied.

Question: How does the model get the product to model?
Answer: In most cases the products are mailed directly to the Photographer. We do this because over the years we have found photos are returned much faster when the Photographer receives the product first. Your photographer will contact you soon as the product arrives to have the model session set up ASAP. 

Question: How long does a model/photographer have to return photos for a booking?
Answer: Our general rule is within 7 days from receiving the product with the understanding some things do come up such as the weather. Keep in communication with our team if delays arise. There will also be times that a shorter turn-around time will be required. For example, Zulily has very strict deadlines and photos may need to be returned within a day. You will be advised at the time of booking offer if there is a ‘rush’ for the images. Remember, your work history and reputation on returning photos will affect future bookings no doubt. Brands need photos quickly as possible and they will remember the models that return photos promptly. The more flexible you are with our team the better!

Question: Who is responsible for turning in the photos?
Answer: Your Photographer will send the link to your model session to our team and we will FW them to the brand. We do ask our models to NOT CONTACT BRANDS DIRECTLY CONCERNING ANY ASPECT OF A BOOKING. It is very important that we keep all communications for bookings between Adora Models only. We work with the brands and models to keep everything professional, consistent and organized. We have been doing this for 10 years and have the process streamlined to near perfection. If any feedback is given we will FW this back to the model and photographer. You can be confident your photographer team will do what it takes to make your model shine, it’s what they do best and part of the reason your model will get booked!

Question: Can models contact brands directly for bookings?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT! THIS IS A BIGGIE! We have procedures in place that have been developed over the years which allows brands a seamless process for booking without having to do model calls and manage models asking to be booked. This is one of the main reasons brands use our models. We take this work out of their hands and allow them to do what they do best DESIGN! Think of it this way. If you were a designer and had 100 emails a day from models asking to brand rep you would get no designing done. So again, do NOT solicit bookings directly from brands. 

Question: Can we post on Brands Pages?

Answer: YES, YES, YES!! We want you to do this!! The more engagement you have with brands the better! Especially itf the Brand has booked your model. When Brands post your model photos we encourage you to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE and TAG, TAG, TAG! The added exposure you give them will be noticed and appreciated. Be sure when you share the images on your own social networking pages you also tag the Brand and Adora Models too!

Question: How many bookings will a model get?
Answer: There is absolutely no way of knowing how many bookings a model will receive and when they will receive their first one. Ultimately the Brands choose the models they book. If our team is asked to advise on models we will send them a list of models based on the profile of the model details they are requested. IE their size, age, hair length. We do keep a running list of all bookings and we work diligently to get ALL MODELS booked.

Question: What if I cannot do a booking but I already accepted?
Answer: Contact our Adora Team immediately, we can work with your photographer and the designer/brand to find a model replacement. We have a wonderful group of local models who work very well together and are great about helping each other when needed.

APPROVED Model Memberships

3 month model term

$30 - Individual Model Membership Fee for 3 Months

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6 month model term

$55- Individual Model Membership Fee for 6 Months

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

12 month model term

$100 Individual Model Membership Fee for 12 Months 

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Use this option to register any sibling models after your 1st model was registered as an individual model above.

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NEW for 2020

Studio Portfolio Session

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In celebration of Adora Models 10 year anniversary we are taking it up a notch with Annual Studio Portfolio Sessions! You may also book these sessions on demand throughout the year as you wish. We will be shooting these sessions at the brand new Lydie Studio in downtown West. Kristie Mason Photography will be shooting and include fully styled hair and make-up by our very own Chelsea. Models will be directed on outfits and color schemes in preparation for these sessions.